Evolution Botanicals Organic Cordyceps Extract 100g

Evolution Botanicals Organic Cordyceps Extract 100g

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An adaptogenic tonic, traditionally associated with increased strength, energy and vitality. Read More
Evolution Botanicals
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Cordyceps is a genus of parasitic fungi that is closely related to the mushroom. Although not actually a mushroom, it has been described as an exotic medicinal mushroom in traditional Chinese and Tibetan medicine. The name cordyceps comes from Latin words meaning club and head.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, cordyceps (Dōnɡ Chónɡ Xià Cǎo 冬虫夏草) was considered a very special tonic as it was offered to the Emperor’s court and others among Chinese nobility. The first written record was mentioned in the year AD 620. Traditionally it was used as a lung and kidney tonic making it useful for respiratory ailments, physical exhaustion and for those with a weak constitution. Low sexual function, libido and performance are also keynotes for cordyceps use in traditional literature.

Think vigor and vitality when looking at the traditional applications of cordyceps: a secret tonic known to strengthen, rebuild and energize the body and mind.*

Evolution Botanicals Cordyceps

  • Extract Strength of 10:1
  • 20% Beta-D-Glucans
  • Derived from 100% Fruit Bodies
  • Certified USDA organic
  • Free from all fillers

Serving suggestion: Take 1-3 grams daily for 30 to 200 days if indicated.

Directions: Stir Cordyceps directly intro a cool/ hot water and drink. Cordyceps is also a great additive to smoothies, hot tonics, as an addition to coffee or cacao and mixed into sweet and savoury foods.

Warning: If you are allergic to molds or yeast, you may also be allergic to cordyceps. People with bleeding disorders or who take anticoagulants ("blood thinners") or anti-clotting drugs may need to avoid cordyceps as well. 

Safety: Cordyceps is generally well-tolerated with limited side effects. Some users can experience mild diarrhea, constipation, and abdominal discomfort which may be decreased by taking cordyceps after a meal.

Storage: Our herbal extracts are packaged in Miron Glass with a safety seal. This protects them from moisture and light but there are a few tips that can help to keep them this way after opening:

  • Medicinal mushrooms will actively draw moisture out of humid air. To protect them from this moisture, ensure any instrument entering your jar is completely dry. Also ensure the lids on your products are sealed tight between usage.
  • The medicinal mushrooms will start to become sticky if exposed to moisture or humid air for too long, if this happens please note they are still safe to consume and medicinally potent, to use herbs in this condition mix with hot water to redissolve.
  • We recommend all herbs are stored below 30C as a general precaution however the herbal extracts are very heat tolerant and are fine to use in hot beverages and cooking without compromising potency.

Evolution Botanicals Quality Assurance

Rice/ Agar Growth Medium

  • The growth substrate for Medicinal Mushrooms greatly alters the quantity of active medicinal compounds in the product. Cordyceps usually infects living caterpillars before killing the host and feeding off its body. Fortunately for the caterpillars this process is not something that can be replicated by those wanting to grow this fungi, so all Cordyceps is grown on substitute growth mediums.

Derived from 100% Fruit Bodies

  • The fruiting body of the mushroom contains the highest quantity of active medicinal compounds. Some manufacturers add the mushroom mycelium to the product as a filler, this is the root system of the mushroom (called hyphae) and has less medicinally active compounds.


  • Gutian, China
  • Cultivated indoors using organic cultivation protocols.

Quality controlled

  • All our products are tested to ensure the highest quantity of medicinally active compounds, we are one of the few companies who do this expensive product validation. Every batch of our product is lab tested for over 250+ parameters to ensure it is free from any nasties like heavy metals, pesticides, hydrocarbons, or contaminants.
  • This products is processed to ISO standards in a GMP (good manufacturing practices) facility. 

Cordyceps sinensis VS Cordyceps militaris

Of the more than 400 species of Cordyceps discovered, two have become the focus of health research: Cordyceps sinensis and Cordyceps militaris.

Since Cordyceps sinensis is only available from the wild and is currently unable to be successfully cultivated, it comes with an impressive price tag of over $20,000 per kilogram! Fortunately, more and more research is coming out showing that Cordyceps militaris has similar benefits to the traditional wild Cordyceps sinensis and is now being been used as an alternative to Cordyceps sinensis.

Pure mushroom extract powders almost solely come from Asia, with China accounting for over 85% of the world’s mushroom production.

USA Grown Cordyceps 

Due to the fact that it is not economical to grow mushrooms in North America for supplement use, if a Cordyceps product is grown in North America, it is almost certainly Cordyceps myceliated grain, recently referred to as MOG (Mycelium On Grain). Myceliated grain products will typically be labeled as Cordyceps sinensis or Cordyceps militaris. Unfortunately the mycelium cannot be separated from the grain so the grain ends up in the final product. This equates to less mushroom, less beta-glutans and higher levels of non-benefical starch.

*Sourced from Real Mushroomsfounder of Nammex, the leading supplier of organic mushroom extract ingredients.


100g powder

Serving: 1/2  tsp (1g)

Servings per container: 100 serves

Ingredients: Certified Organic Cordyceps Militaris Extract (10:1)

Brand Evolution Botanicals

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