Pickle Pipe Basic Fermentation Kit

Pickle Pipe Basic Fermentation Kit

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A great little kit that makes fermentation EASY! Read More
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This is the perfect kit to start you off in the world of fermenting!

Our Basic Kit Includes:

1 x Pickle pipe

1 x Pickle pebble 

1 x 950ml Mason Jar

You can watch how this kit works in a short video here

What is the Pickle Pipe?

The Pickle Pipe is the world's first one-piece, silicone, self-sealing and waterless airlock.

When fermenting your own vegetables, it is important that carbon dioxide is able escape but oxygen cannot enter. The Pickle Pipe maintains the perfect, maintenance-free fermenting environment.

The low profile design allows you to store your ferments in tight spaces, and when finished, simply pop them in the dishwasher for years of use. There is no easier or more convenient solution to worry-free mason jar ferments.

Dishwasher Safe, BPA- and Phthalate-Free

What is the Pickle Pebble?

Pickle Pebbles have been specifically designed for fermenting vegetables and fruits in Mason jars. Pickle Pebbles take the guess work out of your lacto-ferments by ensuring your veggies stay below the surface of the brine, thereby eliminating exposure to oxygen which is the main cause of spoilage and mold.

While a single Pickle Pebble is often enough to keep veggies below the brine, they can also be stacked to provide extra weight.

Pickle Pebbles are made of non-iridized soda glass which is completely inert and guarantees that no other substances leach into your ferment.

Watch how it works here


Our Basic Kit Includes:

1 x Pickle pipe

1 x Pickle pebble 

1 x 950ml Mason Jars (Including band and lid) 



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