Reverse Osmosis System Extreme

Reverse Osmosis System Extreme

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The Coffee Professor
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This system is for those customer who want higher outputs of water that our smaller (white) systems can not provide.

This systems features all 3/8" pipe and fitings to allow for higher flow rates required in commercial applications.

This system has a Procon 102A125F11BB125 pressure pump coupled to a ½ HP Marathon motor operating at 140psi to give the maximum performace of the Dow membrane, the pump is controlled by an electronic pressure controller which activates the pump only when the tank needs filling. The system is cpable of producing approximately 2.7 litres per minute of filtered water or 3800 litres every 24 hours. The system comes standard with a 38 liter pressurised storage resevoir, and 1/2" BSP connection on the feed water in and filtered water out lines.

Power usage @ 240v is 3.8A (915 watts) at a working pressure of 130 psi.

Supplied with twin electronic flow meters which give a digital readout of the flow rate for product (filtered) and reject (waste) water flow rates as well as the ability to be programed to do a litre count down if you wish.

Dual point TDS meter (total dissolved solids) which reads the supply water TDS and the product water TDS.

The reject (waste) water ratio can be adjusted with the supplied needle valve so the unit waste ratio can be adjusted to suit the hardness of the supply water. The unit is not suitable for water above 2500 ppm TDS or areas with high iron or moybdate active silicate without additional filters.

NOTE this system DOES NOT come with any form of remineralising cartridge or polishing cartridge, it is recommended that an additional external remineralisation cartridge and/or a dosing pump be paired with this system if being used connected to tea and coffee making equipment. Given this system is usually installed into setting with high water flow and usage, we find a polishing cartridge is not usually required, but we can supply a setup if required.

Optional upgrades to this system can include larger or multiple tanks, water faucet for dispensing water (for use other than coffee machine), external remineralisation cartridge, post filter polishing cartridge and dosing pump to increase filtered water TDS.


1) Sediment filter to remove particulate matter 

2) Carbon filter to remove organics and free chlorine 

3) Reverse Osmosis Membrane to remove all remaining dissolved solids 


Brand The Coffee Professor