Reverse Osmosis System

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The Coffee Professor
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This is our smallest entry level reverse osmosis water filter system for commercial use. 

Our systems feature 3/8" pipe and fitings on the delivery side of the system (as opposed to 1/4" most commonly used) to allow for higher flow rates required in commercial applications.

It features 5 stages of filtration to give you the purest water for making your coffee and tea with.

It reqires a minium water feed pressure of 55psi and is cpable of producing approximately 280 litres of filtered water every 24 hours. The system comes standard with a 12 liter pressurised storage resevoir, and 1/2" BSP connection on the feed water in and filtered water out lines.

Optional upgrades to this system can include larger or multiple tanks, water faucet for dispensing water (for use other than coffee machine), pressure booster pump where mains supply pressure is low and dosing pump to increase filtered water TDS.


1) Sediment filter to remove particulate matter

2) Carbon filter to remove organics and free chlorine

3) Reverse Osmosis Membrane to remove all remaining dissolved solids

4) Re-mineralisation cartridges to add a small amount of minerals (calcium) back into the water to give an approximate TDS of 26ppm and a pH of 8.5

5) Polishing cartridge made from coconut carbon to remove any taints the water may acquire from sitting in the storage tank for extended periods.


Brand The Coffee Professor