Thankfully Nourished Collagen Peptides 375g

Thankfully Nourished Collagen Peptides 375g

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A concentrated source of hydrolysed collagen, particularly good for supporting joints and tendons. Read More
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Our natural ability to produce connective tissue diminished after the age of 25. It’s one of the reasons why we start to look older and may begin to experience joint problems. Taking collagen peptides is one way to support your body, particularly your joints, ligaments and skin. 

Thankfully Nourished Collagen Peptides are a concentrated source of hydrolysed collagen, providing you with the protein and amino acids needed for tissue building and repair.

Thankfully Nourished Collagen is not just a generic collagen! Our collagen has been enzymatically fermented into peptides with a specific molecular weight that is targeted and more bioavailable. This means you don’t need as much as other generic collagens on the market. You can read more about why this collagen is different from other collagens here.

Thankfully Nourished Collagen Peptides are:

  • Derived from grass-fed cattle
  • Guaranteed GMO and Glyphosate free
  • Smaller serving size than other collagens on the market
  • Easy to use - dissolves easily into hot and cold liquids
  • Gluten, dairy and soy free
  • Paleo and Keto friendly
  • Almost tasteless!
Suggested Use:
Add 2 tsp (1 scoop) to water or herbal tea once or twice a day. Can be taken up to 4 times per day as required. Also perfect for adding to smoothies and baked goods.
Store in a cool, dry place.


Size: 375g

Serving size: 1 level scoop (5g)

Servings per container: 75

Ingredients: 100% Collagen Peptides (Bovine)


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