Ultra Ceram Alkalising Drink Bottle

Ultra Ceram Alkalising Drink Bottle

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Drinking alkaline water assists to maintain an optimal healthy pH balance. The UltraCeram ® Portable Alkaline Ionizer makes it easier to enjoy alkaline water anytime, anywhere. Read More
Ultra Ceram
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Ultra Ceram Alkalizing Drink Bottle converts regular drinking water into alkaline and ionized water that you can enjoy anywhere, anytime. 
Scientifically combined minerals built within the bottle are activated upon contact with the water - resulting in enhanced, great tasting drinking water.

Ultra Ceram Alkalising Drink Bottle

  • Raise pH level
  • Produce Negative Ions
  • Mineral rich, great tasting water
  • Lower ORP (Oxygen Reduction Potential)
  • Easy to clean and low maintenance required
  • Food grade, stainless steel manufacture bottle

Made from food grade stainless steel, the Alkalizing Drink Bottle contains two filters made with natural volcanic minerals including Zeolite, Maifanshi, Tourmaline and Calcium ion stone to alkalise and oxygenate. The longer the water is in the bottle, the strong the ionization, the higher the pH and stronger negative charge (ORP) is attained. 

Suggested Use:
Simply fill your water bottle with clean water and leave to stand for 5 - 10 minutes. 

When used with filtered water, the cartridges will last for several years, based on drinking 2 - 3 litres daily


1 Alkalizing Drink Bottle

Cartridge capacity: Several years based on drinking 2 - 3 litres daily.

Brand Ultra Ceram


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