Thankfully Pure Air 900 - Ioniser

Thankfully Pure Air 900 - Ioniser

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Perfect for keeping wardobes and pet areas fresh by reducing odour and mould. Read More
Thankfully Pure
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Perfect for keeping wardobes and pet areas fresh  

The Thankfully Pure Air Ioniser is perfect for your keeping your wardrobe fresh by reducing odour and mould. Simply hang in your wardrobe and turn on. 

It's also amazing for pet owners who want to keep their home smelling clean and fresh. Simply hang this air ioniser near your cats litter tray, sleeping area or laundy and enjoy the difference in smell!

Our Thankfully Pure Air Ioniser:

  • Reduces odor and mould in wardobes
  • Neutralises the odor from pets and litter trays
  • Helps to neutralise airborne bacteria
  • Is light, completely silent and easy to use

The air ionier can be hung up on a rail or attached to a wall and runs of AA batteries.

How air ionisers work

If you love to know the finer details of how things work, read on: 

  • Using electricity Air Ionizers create negative ions and discharge them into the air.
  • These negative ions attach to positively charged particles in the room, such as dust, bacteria, pollen and smoke.
  • The positively charged particles and negative ions bond together to create dense dirt particles that cannot float in the air.
  • These heavier dirt particles fall to the ground and can be swept up.
  • Some particles may fall onto other surfaces such as televisions, computers, countertops, etc. Homeowners can easily clean these surfaces by dusting or wiping them off with a rag.

Used in hospitals and luxury European cars 

Some hospitals have been using air ionisers to effectively neutralise airborne bacteria. In a study conducted by the University of Leeds researchers found that the infection rate fell to zero during the year long trial of using Air Ionisers.

Air ionising technology is also commonly used in the air conditioning of European luxury cars to reduce odor and dampness and to keep the car smelling clean and fresh.


1 x Air Ioniser
1 x Instruction Manual
Brand Thankfully Pure

The Thankfully Pure Air Ioniser comes with a 12 month warranty.

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