Collagen For Dogs

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Collagen For Dogs

A lot of people are surprised to learn that the most abundant type of protein in humans is collagen. Dogs are also made up of proteins and collagen makes up over 30% of the total proteins in our canine friends too. It’s hardly surprising that veterinary experts recognise that to keep our dogs fit and healthy, particularly as they get older, dog collagen supplements would be helpful.

It is estimated that as we get older, the amount of collagen in our bodies reduces at a rate of around 1-2% every year. It’s widely believed that the same rate of depletion is experienced in our pets. In dogs, this steep decline can affect their joints, coat, and digestive system. Read More

Why Getting Collagen for Dogs is The Smart Thing to Do

When a dog’s collagen levels reduce, bones and cartilage are affected and with time, osteoarthritis takes hold. As many will know, this is a degenerative disease, and in dogs will cause inflammation and pain. It’s only a matter of time before your pet’s mobility is compromised. Starting a course of collagen powder for dogs could change this situation in just a matter of a few weeks. Research has shown significant increases in quality of life over a sustained course of supplements.

Collagen is also important for good gut health in your dog. Over time and perhaps due to stress, your dog is likely to develop patches of vulnerability in its intestinal lining. This can be particularly prone to discomfort and irritation due to the amino acids in the gut coming into contact with the unprotected patches. Effectively, what the collagen supplement does is seal and repair the lining, reducing discomfort and improving health in general.

A dog’s coat is made up of 70% collagen. When collagen production is in decline, you will notice a duller coat and thinning of the skin. Amazingly a regime of collagen supplementing can reverse this quite quickly. Persistent collagen intake will improve the shine and quality of the coat and give your dog a new lease on life.

How and When to Give Collagen Supplements to Dogs

If you discover your dog is starting to have difficulty with straightforward movements and perhaps showing signs of pain, or if you think his/her coat is looking poor, then this could be the time to start some collagen supplementation. The sooner you begin treatment, the more likely it is that you will push back the natural ageing process for your dog.

Dog Collagen supplement is easy to give to your dog by simply sprinkling it into your dog’s normal food. Getting the dosage is obviously something you need to work out depending on your dog’s size and weight. A guideline is on every packet of reputable powdered collagen.

In conclusion, it’s got to be said that dog collagen is essential to hold back the typical ageing process which shows in your dog’s joints, their gut and the quality of their coat. There are some great products around and only the best is stocked and available for sale from GPA Wholefoods. If you need any other wholefoods & organic supplements, browse our products, and look at what we offer. You’ll find a wide range of excellent supplements from organic matcha powder to cod liver oilcollagen hydrosylatemarine collagen powder, probiotics and more. We’re here to keep Australia healthy! 

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