Collagen vs. Gelatin: Differences, Benefits, and Uses


What is Gelatin & Collagen?

Gelatin, collagen, hydrolysed collagen... What’s it all about? Don’t miss out on two of the biggest supplements in the health world. Collagen is a type of protein and a major component of connective tissues such as skin, bone, and hair. It’s essentially the glue that holds the body together and is vital for a body to function healthily. Your body’s capacity to produce collagen declines with age and poor collagen production can result in a multitude of health issues. 

Gelatin is a natural form of collagen and a part of collagen that has been broken down into smaller units using heat and it is sometimes known as the ‘cooked form of collagen’. Gelatin can be processed further to produce another substance referred to as collagen hydrolysate. Both possess a variety of health benefits and antioxidant abilities, but they aren’t interchangeable so it’s important to figure out which option will suit your lifestyle best.

The Difference Between Collagen and Gelatin

When it comes down to it, the primary difference between gelatin and collagen is all to do with their respective chemical structures and molecular weight. Collagen peptides have a lower molecular weight which makes it typically easier for your body to absorb. When collagen is hydrolysed, it’s broken down in a similar way to gelatin which makes it more bioavailable. When collagen peptides are fully hydrolysed, it means they can dissolve in hot and cold temperatures and won’t have an evident taste or smell. The main difference is to do with how these two supplements are used and cooked with. Gelatin for the most part will only dissolve in hot water, whereas collagen will dissolve more easily in a range of temperatures. Gelatin forms a gel-like substance when combined with water, whereas collagen lacks this property. 

How to Choose the Right Gelatin or Collagen Supplements Online

When it comes down to it, the better choice to suit you is all to do with how you want to incorporate gelatin and collagen supplements into your diet. Collagen is predominantly used as an easy-to-digest nutritional supplement. It comes in a variety of forms, though daily supplement collagen peptides are the most popular option used as you can monitor exactly how much you’re consuming. It’s also the best digestible form of collagen. You can incorporate it into your dishes without having to worry about any unwanted consistency changes. 

How does gelatin compare? It is generally found in sheet or powdered forms and can also be prepared from animal parts at home to create a bone broth. Gelatin is preferred for cooking because of its gel properties and can be easily inserted into your everyday diet, ranging from soups to sweets. Whilst a lot of gelatin supplements are unflavoured, they might not be entirely flavourless which can be off-putting. For some, this unpleasant taste makes collagen supplements the more attractive option. 

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