Welcome to the GPA Wholefoods and Thankfully Nourished Tribe

Yes, we are a little strange!

We sell all kinds of strange and wonderful things from all over our amazing planet.

Collagen from grass-eating European Cows, but also from wild Alaskan Cod. We have organic mushroom extract from the Tibetan Himalayas and freeze-dried liver from Aussie Cows. There’s Fermented Cod Liver Oil from wild-caught Arctic Cod and Wild-crafted Gubinge Powder from the Kakadu Plum.

Our products may be unusual and exotic, but they have a long nutrient-rich history, steeped in traditional wisdom from cultures all over the world. We also offer organic skincare, natural sweeteners, bone broths and probiotics. But they all have one thing in common. Your health and vitality. And that’s why we exist!

Yeah we’re strange, but a thankfully nourished kind of strange!

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