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I started GPA Wholefoods in 2007 as a result of my own journey with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. The traditional foods I wanted to add to my diet, such as high vitamin cod liver oil and freeze dried organ meats weren’t available in Australia, so I began looking overseas. I discovered Green Pasture Products in the USA and to cut a long story short, I became their Australian distributor. One thing led to another and before long it grew into GPA Wholefoods. 

Now our goal is to source the highest quality nutrient-dense wholefoods from around the world and make it conveniently available to you all in one place. We are are based in Sydney, but send our products all over Australia. So if you have an address, we can get you want you need. 

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It is my sincere hope that this store will be a blessing to you, wherever you are at on your journey of a nourished life.

Katrina Armstrong

Katrina Armstrong

A little bit about recovering from CFS

Along with a nutrient-rich diet, we highly recommend the Gupta Amygdala retraining programme for recovery from CFS, ME and Multiple Chemical Sensitivities. You can find more about it here. We also found Dan Neuffer’s book “CFS unraveled” to be very helpful which you can find on Amazon.