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Meet Gut-Friendly Flours

Our collection of gluten-free flours are a lifesaver for folks with coeliac disease or for those who are sensitive to gluten. Not sure if this is you? If you often experience tummy troubles, unexplained fatigue, or even skin issues after meals, this might be your body’s gentle plea for gluten-free options — and that’s perfectly okay! Gluten-free flour, like cassava or tigernut, can become your trusty companion for baking, thickening sauces, and creating scrumptious pancakes and muffins. It’s all about making your kitchen a place of comfort and nourishment, where you and your loved ones can enjoy the pleasures of food without the gluten-induced woes.

It can be hard to source cassava flour in Australia, which is why we made sure to stock a fantastic option from AKN: a Brisbane-based supplier. Great for making pizza bases, pasta and more, cassava is a nutrient-rich option that’s packed with fibre to help your gut health. If you’re baking sweet treats, you might like to opt instead for tigernut flour, which has a naturally sweet, mild vanilla taste. There’s a huge range of gluten-free flours to discover, each with a slightly different benefit. Shop the wide range from GPA Wholefoods in Sydney to find the best flour for you and your family.

Discover Even More Wholesome Wholefoods

Now that you’ve stocked your pantry with a collection of gluten-free flours to suit every recipe, you should add the wholefoods you need to enrich your diet. Those looking to limit their gluten intake might also benefit from our range of wholefoods for gut health. We love keeping our family’s guts healthy and happy with the best probiotic blends, grass-fed gelatine and bone broths in Australia. Our Glowing Skin collection of products is here to care for you inside and out, with fermented cod liver oil to supplement your diet and vitamin-rich body butter for your dry bits. If you’d like to naturally supplement your diet while you cook, look no further than our range of grass-fed ghee. Full of vitamins, minerals, quality fats and health benefits, each spoonful of ghee is doing you good. Featuring a high smoking point, it’s great for cooking, baking and sautéing — as well as fortifying your food with nutrients. Have a browse around our website and discover our wide range of products that are bound to boost your diet.

Why Shop at GPA Wholefoods?

At GPA Wholefoods, we are here to transform your wellbeing. Our mission is to source the right, nutrient-rich wholefoods for you and your family. So many of the best supplements weren’t available in Australia — so we fixed that. Making sure you have access to the freeze-dried organ meats, cod liver oils, and Green Pasture products that you’re looking for, our online store is your one-stop shop for all things nourishing. We’ve even put our expertise to good use and created Thankfully Nourished: our very own range of supplements.

Offering shipping across Australia, GPA Wholefoods will deliver your order straight to your door. There’s nothing better than shopping for health foods online, right from the comfort of your couch!

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