AKN Organics Pure Cassava Flour 1kg

AKN Organics Pure Cassava Flour 1kg

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A gluten-free, nut-free and allergy-friendly flour! Read More
AKN Organics
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Brisbane-based AKN Organics source their cassava from local Queensland farms and from select Tanzanian growers.

It’s all grown organically, and is harvested and carefully processed into flour by modern chemical-free techniques.

How is it made?

Fresh whole cassava tubers are harvested,washed.peeled, grated and blended into a paste-like consistency where it is then filtered,dried and sifted with utmost care to be the flour you see on the package.

No chemicals or preservatives are used through the entire production process

We love Cassava Flour because it's:

  • Gluten free, nut free, GMO free
  • A great source of carbohydrates, particularly resistant starch
  • Neutral in taste and has a smooth wheat-like texture


Size: 1kg

Ingredients: 100% Cassava Flour

Brand AKN Organics

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