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GPA Wholefoods is the home of health food, delivering Astaxanthin Australia wide. But what is it? Astaxanthin, sometimes referred to as nature's most powerful antioxidant, is truly a remarkable gift from the natural world. It plays a vital role in providing our precious cells with support, offering unparalleled protection against the oxidative damage that can occur when our bodies face internal or external stress. Astaxanthin boasts antioxidant potency that is 100 times greater than Vitamin E, 4 times more potent than beta carotene, a staggering 800 times more robust than CoQ10, and is an astonishing 6,000 times mightier than Vitamin C. That’s why we recommend enriching your diet with Astaxanthin — even if you’re already taking liposomal vitamin C made in Australia. The astounding strength of Astaxanthin is a natural boost for our well-being, helping us thrive in the face of life's challenges and ensuring our cells are nurtured and guarded to the fullest. Shop the best range of Astaxanthin in Australia with our carefully sourced range.

Supplement Your Day

Now that you have your antioxidant intake sorted, let’s take a look at the other organic whole foods you could be enjoying. If you’re looking to boost your immune system, you might benefit from the vitamin A and D in our cod liver oil capsules. The capsule form is more convenient to take than a traditional slippery spoonful of cod liver oil. You can get the most out of your supplements by also taking butter oil. This clever wholefood makes both fat-soluble vitamins and dietary minerals more useable by the body. We’re pleased to offer a cod liver and butter oil blend, if you’re keen to try them together. If you’re also looking to naturally enrich your diet beyond the capsule, we ship beef tallow Australia wide. Ideal for cooking, our tallow is packed with nutrients that you just can’t get from a normal oil. No matter your dietary or nourishment needs, GPA Wholefoods has the range you’ve been looking for.

Why Shop at GPA Wholefoods?

Your wellbeing journey begins at GPA Wholefoods. We understand that there’s a lot of pressure to provide your family with all the nourishment and nutrients they need to be healthy and strong. That’s why we thoughtfully curated a range to make it easy to get what you need. So many of the best supplements weren’t available in Australia — so we fixed that! Offering shipping across Australia, GPA Wholefoods will deliver your order straight to your door. There’s nothing better than shopping for health foods online, right from the comfort of your couch!

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