Karasumi Fish Roe Bottarga 110-120g

Karasumi Fish Roe Bottarga 110-120g

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Traditionally prepared Australian bottarga (mullet roe). Especially rich in vitamins A and D, zinc and very long chained fatty acids, it is a nutrient-dense delight! Read More
Beach Gold
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Fish roe is a regularly mentioned nutrient dense food in Dr Weston A. Price’s work, and was praised as a sacred fertility food. It is especially rich in vitamins A and D, zinc and very long chained fatty acids.

The Andean Indians went to great troubles to carry sundried fish roe from sea level to high up in the mountains for both men and women of childbearing age to ensure healthy babies.

The dried roe sacks come from sea mullet (mugil cephalus), harvested (not farmed) from pre-spawning fish from April to August. They are caught largely on the east coast, from southern New South Wales as far north as Hervey Bay. With its own distinct flavour, Beach Gold fish roe is 100% Australian. Once dried, the bottarga is pressed, sea-salted and vacuum-sealed. Every step of the process is 100% traditional!

Please note that the bottarga is packaged according to weight and may be either a single or a double piece.

Suggested Use:
Enjoyed in many ways, bottarga can be cut into thin slices and drizzled with olive oil on an antipasto plate, used like caviar on buttered sourdough or grate finely over pasta dishes and salads.



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Size: 80g piece

Serving size: 8g

Servings per container: 10

Ingredients: Australian Fish Roe, salt.

Brand Beach Gold

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