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Monk Fruit Sweetener in Australia

Staying away from the sugar when you’re trying to keep on top of your health can be tough. Sugar calls as soon as the kettle is on or you’re preparing a breakfast smoothie. The smell of coffee or the anticption of your smoothie promises your body a sugary boost - but…your health comes first. 

Instead of denying yourself the pleasures of a sweet cup of coffee - or tea – or a deliciously healthy smoothie, take heart! Liquid monk fruit sweetener has - get this - virtually NO calories. And just a few drops of this in your drink will satisfy your sweet tooth and keep you healthy. Read More

Pure Monk Fruit Sweetener Might Just Change Your Life!

Monk fruit also known as Luo Han Guo fruit extract comes from a small melon. It’s native to Southern China and has been used for centuries. It has a beautiful and natural sweetness to it. And it proves beyond a doubt that not all sweet things are bad for us. Even better than that…this delicious pure monk fruit sweetener is now available in Australia through our website.

It’s best served in drinks whether you like it hot or cold. You can use Monk Fruit in cold desserts too - yep, dessert is back on the table! We have an inspired recipe for making gummies with liquid monk fruit sweetener. Even when trying to stay healthy, you deserve a sweet treat too, right? 

Around 6 drops of this sweet nectar equates to 1 teaspoon of conventional calorie-filled sugar. You could use a little bit in hot desserts in conjunction with sugar - but we wouldn’t recommend replacing all the sugar in a recipe with monk fruit extract! The chemical reactions when baking with sugar wouldn’t be the same with sweeteners, unfortunately.

Monk Fruit Keeps Us Healthy (And Sane!)

As soon as we heard about pure monk fruit sweetener - we knew it was a product for Australia. Health-conscious folks know that sugar is a slippery slope - yet there aren’t many products that satisfy the craving. And once it starts…

Perhaps you're concerned about the source of the sweetness - it comes from the antioxidants. There's no fructose or sucrose involved - it won't spike your blood sugar. And as a bonus, the concentrate is also gluten, dairy and soy free. It'll replace sugar for those with dietary restrictions and health concerns.  See, sometimes we can have good things.

Come Join the Calorie-Free Sweetener Revolution

We started as a single person with a single product - and a gap in Australia's market. By sourcing only the best products using the highest quality ingredients we've grown steadily. Our goal is to stay alert and find those natural, nutritional products Australians love and need. GPA Wholefoods is a family company, and we respect the health of every single customer. That's why we test all our products personally before recommending them to anyone.  Our business is to help you stay healthy, nutritionally strong and full of enthusiasm for our products! 

If you’re looking to satisfy sugar cravings - or even kickstart some good habits - you can’t get more treat-wise than with monk fruit extract. We hope Australia will love it as much as we do. If you’d like to get in on the calorie-free sweetener revolution, monk fruit is an excellent place to start - order yours today. 

If you need any other supplements, browse our products, and look at what we offer. You’ll find a wide range of excellent supplements from liver capsules to bovine gelatincod liver oilcollagen peptidesmarine collagen powder, probiotics and more. We’re here to keep Australia healthy! 

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