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Organic Matcha Powder in Australia

Matcha may be the new buzzword in health food circles, but it’s been around for centuries. It has long been used as an ancient Japanese remedy for looking after the skin, digestion, and the entire body. If you want to buy organic matcha powder in Australia, choose GPA Wholefoods and you can be sure that you’re getting a premium product. 

In fact, we love matcha so much that we’ve created our own branded Japanese Matcha for Australians to enjoy. Choose from Thankfully Nourished Organic Ceremonial Matcha that’s perfect for making tea and nourishing your skin and entire body and Thankfully Nourished Premium Culinary Matcha which can be used in smoothies, lattes, baking or cooking.  Read More

What is Matcha Powder?

Matcha is simply a type of green tea. Traditional matcha is made by grinding young, whole green tea leaves of Japanese green tea (Camelia Sinesis) into a powder. The leaves of the plant are covered 20-30 days before harvesting to keep them out of direct sunlight. This gives the plant a darker green colour, increases chlorophyll production and boosts the concentration of amino acids in the leaves. The powder can be mixed with water and/or milk. 

Matcha’s main health benefits come from the chlorophyll found in all green plants, which provides an abundance of antioxidants and makes it a powerful detoxifier. As Matcha is made from the entire tea leaf, there are greater amounts of caffeine and antioxidants than typically found in green tea.  When you drink matcha, you’ll get ten times the nutritional value and antioxidant content than you would by drinking regular green tea. 

Our matcha is available in two grades: premium ceremonial grade that’s perfect for making traditional Japanese tea, and premium culinary matcha for baking and cooking. Our premium ceremonial grade matcha is amongst the best matcha powder in Australia; the leaves are grown at high altitudes on Kyushu Island in Japan and are harvested early to ensure that it’s at its premium. As mentioned, pure tea is usually made with ceremonial grade matcha. If you’d like to use it in other ways, we recommend that you buy our culinary matcha which can be used to make everything from creamy matcha oats to matcha cheesecake. 

Both types of matcha are perfect for nourishing your skin and detoxifying your body. 

How to Buy Premium Matcha Powder in Australia

It’s easy. Simply order through us here at GPA Wholefoods. We guarantee that our matcha is some of the purest around and that it’s the genuine article. Don’t be taken in by inferior products. With GPA Wholefoods, you’ll always get high-quality products because we test everything ourselves and won’t sell anything that we wouldn’t use ourselves. We’re a family-run business and your health and wellbeing are just as important to us as our own. 

Order your matcha powder in Australia now and we’ll send it out as quickly as we can, so that you can enjoy the benefits of this superfood. And, if your order is over $129, shipping is on us no matter where you are in Australia. So if you need any other organic supplements, browse our products, and look at what we offer. You’ll find a wide range of excellent supplements from whole body collagen to organic gelatin powder, all natural beef gelatin, grass fed gelatin, monk fruit sweetener and more. We’re here to keep Australia healthy! 

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