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Discover the Benefits of Organic Matcha

Indulge in a world of wellness with our exquisite organic matcha powder. Packed with antioxidants, vitamins, and a gentle caffeine boost, this vibrant green powder offers a sustained energy lift without the jitters. Elevate your daily ritual with a cup of pure vitality and experience heightened focus and a revitalised spirit. What sets our organic matcha apart is not just its exceptional quality but the commitment to sustainability and health. By choosing our organic matcha, you're not just sipping, you're embracing a lifestyle that champions both your well-being and the planet. Rich in L-Theanine for relaxation and stress reduction, and chlorophyll to detoxify and protect your skin, our collection of matcha powder is perfect for a sunny Australian morning. Don't miss out on the chance to transform your tea time into a moment of indulgence and nourishment. Seize the opportunity to treat yourself—purchase our matcha powder today and savour the taste of wellness that Australia loves!

Meet More Than Organic Matcha

Now that you’ve stocked your pantry with Australia’s favourite matcha powder, it’s time to broaden your healthy horizons. We stock essentials for the whole family, like the gluten free flours you need to make nourishing meals for a celiac diet. From pancakes to thickening up soups, we have all the different types of gluten-free flours you’ll need for different recipes. We’re also pleased to stock a wide selection of supplements. Whether you like to take a convenient capsule in the morning, or prefer to cook with super nutrient-dense supplemental whole foods, GPA Wholefoods is your one-stop-shop. We ship delicious bone broth Australia wide, for an extra hit of collagen in your cooking. Or you might like to make the switch to one of our drippings and lards for a healthy fat. Discover the range on offer at GPA wholefoods.

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Our mission is to share nourishing treasures with Australia. Established in 2007, GPA Wholefoods has become the go-to destination for premium, nutrient-dense wholefoods sourced globally. As the exclusive Australian distributor for Green Pasture Products, our Sydney-based business is proud to ship products nationwide.

No matter whether you live in a metro city or a rural town, GPA Wholefoods makes sure you have access to the best supplements. From organic matcha powder to marine collagen, shop wholefoods online today!

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