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Gelatin and collagen hydrolysate are pure proteins, sourced from the connective tissue of animals. Adding them to the diet offers you many benefits:

  • Rich in the amino acids glycine, lysine and proline, they support and nourish hair and skin, giving you a healthy glow from within
  • This same amino acid profile supports muscle, cartilage and ligaments, making them wonderfully nourishing for athletes, enthusiastic gym-bunnies and people with connective tissue problems
  • High glycine levels additionally assist the liver in metabolising and eliminating toxic substances – think of it as your daily detox!
  • Glycine also helps to nourish the nervous system, promoting deep, restorative sleep and can significantly reduce anxiety over time

Gelatin will congeal when heated whereas collagen will remain soluble in both hot and cold liquids.

The One Stop Shop For Gelatin and Collagen 

Gelatin and collagen are both cow-based products that can increase your wellbeing and help you lead a healthy lifestyle. Collagen is highly versatile; it has anti-ageing properties, supports bone and joint health and can also help your body’s wound healing capabilities. Gelatin is rich in amino acids and essential to digestive function and gut health. 

These two wonderful products can make all the difference in your lifestyle. At GPA Wholefoods we understand this, and we want to ensure that you get the most out of our cow-based supplements. Our Thankfully Nourished range provides a wide selection of collagen and gelatin produce to help you look and feel healthier and stronger!

Why You Need Gelatin and Collagen Supplements

Collagen and gelatin can play a unique role when it comes to your health and wellbeing. Gelatin is the primary source of vital amino acids, including lysine, glycine, and proline. These amino acids aid the functioning of your digestive system and help to maintain your gut health. Our Thankfully Nourished Australian Gelatin is packed with these amino acids and other important nutrients. There are no other gelatin supplements that compare. Our collagen supplements can give your body the support it needs. Not only will it leave your skin looking vibrant, you will also feel vibrant on the inside. These supplements can help build bone density, supporting you to avoid bone or joint issues in the future. 

At GPA Wholefoods we are committed to ethically sourcing our products. Both our gelatin and collagen supplements are derived from free-range, grass-fed cows. All our products including hydrolyslate collagen, marine collagen and organic gelatin powder are free of GMOs and Glyphosates, so you needn’t worry about unhealthy additives in any of our supplements. Our goal is to ensure that our supplements are one hundred percent natural and ethical, so that you can enjoy guilt-free health benefits.

Why Choose GPA Wholefoods?

GPA Wholefoods have over a decade of experience in providing quality supplements to the people of Australia. We are a family business and we believe in helping Aussies reach their full potential with wholefoods and supplements. We have an extreme dedication to quality. We do not stock any mass-produced products on our website. Every single supplement listed has been hand-selected and tested by our family. We take pride in our business and have a high standard for what makes it into our store. It’s no wonder our customers trust us over our competitors. We are dedicated to delivering supplements that are pure, natural, and healthy. 

We are also keen protectors of the planet and we carry that philosophy in the day-to-day running of the business. All packaging on our Thankfully Nourished range is recyclable. We also use environmentally conscious packaging of cardboard and recycled paper to ship our orders. 

Order Gelatin and Collagen Supplements Online Today

When you order your organic foods and supplements from GPA Wholefoods, you can be assured of high quality at fair prices. We ship across Australia and all our orders are dispatched within 48 hours. We offer fantastic offers on bulk deals, and we ship all orders over $99 free of charge! 

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