Lard, Beef Dripping and Duck Fat

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Fatten Up Your Lean Cuisine With Something Nutrient-Rich

From organic beef tallow to gourmet duck fat, there are many animal fats you can buy online that are as delicious as they are nutritious. Lard and fat don’t have the best reputation, but they are every bit as rich in nutrients as they are in flavour profiles. Renowned for the deep, nutty flavour they can bring to your favourite dish, lard and fat are a great alternative to butter or oil. Let’s learn more about the benefits they can bring.

Go the Whole Nine Yards With Lards

So long as it’s high-quality, lard is a powerhouse of vitamin D—which is difficult to source, even from a diligent diet. Rather than—or, perhaps, in addition to—taking vitamin D supplements, why not fortify your food with something straight from the source? Moreover, lard is also a source of healthy cholesterol, as well as omega-3 fatty acids. Just like cod liver oil capsules, lard has plenty of nourishing, wholesome benefits your body will thank you for. Add a capsule (or a spoonful!) of Butter oil dietary supplement to your routine, to unlock fat-soluble vitamins and minerals to get the most out of your nourishment. Next time you’re cooking a breakfast fry-up, it may be high time to swap out that tired bottle of oil by the stovetop and invest in high-quality lard from GPA Wholefoods.

Set Mouths A-Dripping With Beef Fat, Tallow & Dripping

Fancy something fried or on high heat? Our organic, grass-fed beef tallow is the ideal choice. Both are our go-to for fish and chips and roast potatoes, and both have an extremely high smoking point of 200 degrees or over. While beef dripping is amazing for high-heat cooking, beef tallow is your best bet for deep-fried chips. Did you know that you can also use the latter for homemade skincare products?

Enhance Any Dish With Delicious Duck Fat

Duck fat is perhaps the most versatile lipid you can buy online. Although it carries the strongest flavour profile of all the fats, it melds almost seamlessly into roast, fried, or sautéed vegetables, lending a particular crispiness to potato. On the other hand, you can use it as an oil or butter alternative for popcorn. Why not experiment and see what other organic wholefoods you could pair it with? Go ahead: buy it in bulk, because this stuff keeps in the freezer for a long time.

Buy Lard, Beef Tallow & Duck Fat Online in Australia

Have we got you dripping for beef dripping? Does beef fat such as tallow have more nutritional benefits than you, at first, thought? Take a break from butter and oil and buy beef fat, duck fat, tallow and lard online. If you want a way to cook organic wholefoods without compromising their nutritional content, you need look no further than GPA Wholefoods. We have everything you need to set yourself up for a healthy, nutrient-rich lifestyle!

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