Tassie Tallow Duck Fat 500mls

Tassie Tallow Duck Fat 500mls

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Sourced from around the country to bring taste to your kitchen. Duck fat adds extra-oomph to roasted veggies, especially potatoes! Read More
Tassie Tallow
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Tassie Tallow Duck Fat is produced in Tasmania from ducks sourced all around Australia. Duck fat offers a rich, silky mouth feel that transforms whatever it touches, without an overpowering flavour of its own. Duck fat imparts a light umami quality to vegetables and mushrooms, and is the perfect fat to partner with potatoes. Nothing crisps potatoes quite like duck fat does. 

And unlike butter or olive oil, duck fat can be recycled. For convenience, duck fat stores in the freezer for quite a long time.

Suggested Use: 
Roast vegetables, baked potatoes, crispy poultry skin, popcorn or other fried food, sautéed mushrooms and greens. 

May be stored in the freezer. 


Size: 396g

Serving Size: 1 tsp

Servings per container: 79

Ingredients: Certified Organic grass-fed ghee

Brand Tassie Tallow

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