Yummy & nutritious home made gummies

1 February 2020 
By: Katrina

Four fun flavours

Gummies are fun to make, super fun for kids to eat, and if you use a quality grass fed gelatin, they're also rich with nutrient goodness. Here are four very easy and yummy flavours to make at home. There's a quick video to show you how to make it, and further below I've also written up the ingredients and the method.


The surprising benefits of Gelatin

Throughout history and across many different cultures, Gelatin has proved to be very important for our health and wellbeing. But sadly our modern, convenient approach to food has neglected this vital ingredient. Thankfully here's one easy way to include gelatin in our family diet.

Here are a few of the surprising benefits found in gelatin

  • A great source of amino acids, particularly glycine, proline and lysine, which helps maintain a healthy gut and digestive system
  • Supports healthy sleep in children
  • Promotes metabolic balance, especially blood sugar
  • Required for healthy muscles and bones

Gummy Ingredients

Below are the ingredients for 4 different gummy flavours. But first, here are a few things to consider.

  • You can use fresh or frozen fruit. If frozen, defrost to room temperature first
  • You can use any favourite fruit for the puree (just not kiwi!) such as strawberry, peach, pear or watermelon & lime juice
  • In this recipe we've used whole fruit to encourage kids to consume whole fruit vs juice. If your little one is sensitive to texture you can strain the pureed fruit
  • If you have just started introducing gummies to your children you can start with 100% natural juice or 1/2 juice and 1/2 whole fruit puree to begin.
  • Using apple juice in place of water will also add a familiar natural sweetness to the gummies
  • If you don't have the moulds, you can buy the on eBay and Amazon

Mango Gummies

Raspberry Gummies

Blueberry Apple Gummies

Lemon & Honey Gummies

How to make it

  1. To make the mango, raspberry and blueberry gummies, puree fruit with liquid (coconut water, water or apple juice)
  2. Place pureed fruit into a small sauce pan. Sprinkle over with gelatin powder and allow to sit for 5 minutes for gelatin to bloom. Whisk over low-medium heat until gelatin is dissolved. Do not let it boil
  3. Pour the mixture into moulds and place in fridge to set for 1-2 hours or firm to touch
  4. Remove from moulds and store in an air tight container in fridge

They're fun to make, fun for kids to eat and deliciously nutritious!



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