Dr Tung's Activated Charcoal Floss

Dr Tung's Activated Charcoal Floss

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Dr Tung’s Activated Charcoal Floss Lemongrass contains Activated Charcoal, an ingredient known to help in the fight against bad breath by absorbing plaque and bacteria. This floss will keep your mouth smelling fresh and clean, with hints of lemongrass. Read More
Dr Tung
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Dr Tung's Activated Charcoal Floss is the first of it's kind! With a refreshing lemongrass flavour, the activated charcoal enhances cleansing and helps adsorb plaque and bacteria by expanding like the regular Smart Floss. 

Dr Tung's Activated Charcoal Floss is 

  • Vegan - with a natural plant wax coating
  • Great tasting from lemongrass oil plus plus curcuma xanthorrhiza extract 
  • Plastic-free packaging! Recyclable paperboard - eco-friendly container
  • Non-GMO and never tested on animals

It's unique ability to stretch and expand provides a thorough clean between the teeth while being gentle on the gums. 

Suggested Use:
Slide floss between teeth, curve it around tooth and clean between tooth and gum with gentle up and down motion. Repeat using a clean section between each tooth, remember it expands when wet!


Ingredients: Expanding Floss with Activated Charcoal (Coconut), Lemongrass Oil, Natural Licorice Aroma, Curcuma Xanthorrhiza Extract, Proprietary Vegetable Wax Blend. 

Brand Dr Tung

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