Dr Tung's Oil Pulling Concentrate

Dr Tung's Oil Pulling Concentrate

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Oil pulling is an ancient dental practice known to strengthen teeth and gums, remove bacteria and improve overall dental health. Make it an easy part of your daily routine with Dr Tung’s Oil Pulling Concentrate. Your mouth never had it so good! Read More
Dr Tung
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Dr Tung's Oil Pulling Concentrate is a time-tested remedy for an oral detoxification procedure. This concentrate is made up of 24 plants and herbs used for oil pulling which you mix into an oil base (we recommend Coconut Oil). 

Dr Tung’s Oil Pulling Concentrate:

  • Contains 24 herbs and botanicals
  • Vegan friendly 
  • Cruelty free

Unlike some other oil pulling products, Dr Tung's Oil Pulling Concentrate does not contain mint and is not a few essential oils to provide flavour, but is an ancient recipe of selected plants and botanicals chosen for their treatment qualities and carefully prepared in organic sesame oil.

Suggested Use:
Oil pulling is best performed in the morning before consuming any fluids or food. Mix contents with 150mls coconut oil—i.e. 1:3 ratio

Swish daily before tongue cleaning and toothbrushing:

  • Place between 1tsp and 1 tbsp mixture in mouth
  • Slowly swish it around the mouth and "chew" on it for 5–15 minutes
  • When done, do not swallow but spit into toilet or bin (not into sink)
  • Rinse your mouth with lukewarm, saline water
  • Oil pulling is best performed in the morning before consuming any fluids or food


Size: 50mls

Serving size: 2mls

Servings per container: 25

Ingredients: Sesame oil (organic), acacia nilotica*, ficus religiosa*, wild Himalayan cherry*, cardamom extract (organic), banyan tree, acacia catechu*, lodh tree*, Indian madder*, eagle wood*, Indian gall-nut*, Indian gooseberry, gmelina arborea*, long-leaved pine*, spikenard*, stone flowers, sandalwood*, woodfordia fruticosa*, deodar*, licorice*, clove*, lotus seed, lemongrass, turmeric, nutgrass, nutmeg, cinnamon, camphor.   * Wild Harvested


Brand Dr Tung

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