The Scoop on Skate

By: Gemma Davies

By Gemma Davies, CEO Folkklore

Cod liver oil established itself long ago as the bedrock wholefood supplement for the traditional food devotee. Praised by Dr. Weston A. Price for its nutrient-density and healing benefits, cod liver oil is a rich source of vitamins A and D and omega-3 fats and effectively fills many gaps in the modern diet.

Skate liver oil, still relatively new on the market, is a source of great confusion! Is it an alternative to cod liver oil? Or is it something different altogether?

This answer is… both!

Skate liver oil contains a very similar fat soluble vitamin profile as cod liver oil, although it’s vitamin A content is somewhat lower and DHA content higher. Since vitamin A is one of cod liver oil’s essential nutritional benefits, skate liver oil can’t exactly be considered an equivalent.

Skate liver oil is also a rich source of chondroitin, squalene and alkoxglycerols, compounds that are also rich in shark liver oil and associated with inflammation reduction, antitumour activity and immune system modulation. Skate is a far smaller fish than shark and thus a cleaner and more sustainable choice.

Furthermore, skate liver oil is rich in activating factors, including vitamin K2, which help the body to assimilate fat soluble vitamins and minerals from food.

What does all this mean?

Think of skate liver oil as providing the same benefits as cod liver oil, minus the vitamin A potency and plus the benefits of additional DHA, chondroitin, squalene, alkoxglycerols and activating factors!

In practical terms, skate liver oil serves as a wonderful alternative to butter oil for dairy-free folk and can be used in combination with cod liver oil to this purpose – its activating factors assist the absorption of fat soluble vitamins from cod liver oil and the two work beautifully in synergy.

For people with inflammatory disorders, cartilage problems, low immunity or in need of higher DHA supplementation, skate liver oil may be a superior choice when compared to cod liver oil if only one fish liver oil is within means.

For those interested in long-term general nourishment, using cod and skate liver oils in combination or rotation will provide the full benefits of both products over the course of time.

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