What's your gut feeling?

By: Gemma Davies

Enter the labyrinth! Navigating the world of probiotics is a winding maze of often-conflicting information!

Probiotics are some of the highest selling products in the natural health market. A plethora of formulations are available containing widely differing probiotic strains and organisms per dose. They’re available in capsules or powders, as refrigerated or shelf stable with each touting benefits over and above all other probiotics available!

Having wound through that maze and back again, Bio-Kult is one of only three probiotic products we carefully selected to offer through GPA Wholefoods. We wanted to keep things simple. Bio-Kult is a powerful, multi-strained, shelf-stable formulation developed by a highly qualified team of scientists, nutritionists and doctors, including Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride, who recommends Bio-Kult in the highly effective GAPS diet protocol. Bio-Kult is certainly not only for people following GAPS; it is a high-strength, effective probiotic suitable for all adults and children.

Supplementing our diets with beneficial microorganisms is beneficial for a whole host of reasons. Most folks interested in their health are aware that probiotics help to balance and maintain healthy bacteria populations in the gut, which is useful for optimizing general digestive function and for protecting the gut whilst travelling internationally or completing a course of antibiotics. What many don’t know is that probiotics can also assist in boosting immune function, minimizing allergic and inflammatory responses, healing chronic yeast infections and there is even encouraging evidence to support the use of probiotic supplements in treating anxiety and depression! Over 2000 years ago, the great physician Hippocrates stated: ‘All health begins in the gut!’ And it seems that he was right!

Perhaps the most important piece of knowledge we gleaned from researching probiotics is that the gut is home to many, many strains of bacteria and that the most effective probiotic formulas are those that include a wide spectrum of these microorganisms. Whilst there are several ‘super’ strength probiotic supplements on the market with impressively enormous bacteria counts, they tend to be formulated using only two or three strains of probiotic. Bio-Kult is formulated to present both a very high bacterial concentration (10 billion per gram) and a wide spectrum of beneficial bacteria (14 strains).

Bacterial strains are possibly the most confusing area of navigation in the probiotic labyrinth! Essentially, different strains of beneficial bacteria are concentrated in different areas of the gut. Conducting searches of specific bacterial strains in academic databases yields reems of information on the specific health benefits of the different strains used singularly in controlled experiments. But if we view health holistically, it makes perfect sense that supplying a wide variety of bacterial strains in a probiotic formula is the optimal way to help balance and maintain the flora of many areas of the gut rather than limited areas/limited strains. Our understanding that presenting a wide variety of bacterial strains to the gut through a probiotic supplement was a particularly effective strategy for optimizing gut health, Bio-Kult was selected largely based on it’s formulation of 14 strains.

We also favoured Bio-Kult because it is shelf-stable ie. does not require refrigeration. During the manufacturing process, the beneficial bacteria are freeze-dried and encapsulated, which protects them from moisture and temperature changes. Capsules are then blister-packed ensures the stability and integrity of each individual capsule and makes them easily transportable.

We also choose to stock Bio-Kult Candea, a probiotic supplement specifically formulated for treating candida overgrowth. In this product, seven very specifically selected probiotic strains are combined with garlic and grapefruit seed extract, resulting in a potent anti-fungal formulation.

Whether you are specifically treating a gut condition, following a dietary protocol (like GAPS) or are more generally interested in caring for your intestinal flora by using a probiotic supplement, the Bio-Kult range is gold standard in efficacy and quality, and a range we are very proud to support.

You can find Biokult here

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