What are the Health Benefits of Matcha Powder?


What are the Health Benefits of Matcha Powder?

If you’re interested in health foods, you’ve probably already heard about matcha. It’s a powdered green tea that’s used to make, well tea, and the tasty matcha latte. But what’s so special about matcha and how has it earned its moniker as a health food? Read on to find out.

What is matcha?

Before we go on to talk about the benefits of matcha, let’s give you a little insight into what it is. It’s basically a type of green tea, but unlike other green teas, matcha leaves are ground into a powder to be added to liquids. You can easily recognise it by its vibrant green colour, and it has a non-bitter, aromatic taste.

So why does matcha have a reputation as a health food?

There have been numerous studies into the health benefits of green tea that have suggested that green tea can help with preventing cancer and type 2 diabetes while helping brain function and guarding against depression. As matcha a green tea, it has all the same benefits.

May help to prevent cancer

One such study looked at whether drinking green tea could help with the prevention of cancer. The findings suggested that women who drank 10 cups of green tea daily developed cancer 7.3 years later than the women who consumed fewer than 3 cups per day. Another study followed women with a diagnosis of breast cancer and found that the risk of the cancer returning decreased among women with an average daily consumption of eight cups of green tea as compared to those with an average daily consumption of two cups. 

May help to prevent Type 2 diabetes

Many people develop type 2 diabetes, especially in later life. Studies carried out with animals suggest that green tea may be helpful to prevent type 2 diabetes by encouraging the release of more insulin. It may also help to lower blood sugar levels. 

May help protect brain function

As we age, many of us are affected by different types of dementia which can affect our memory, language, movement, learning and problem-solving abilities. An analysis of multiple studies looking at whether the consumption of green tea has a positive effect on brain function, a correlation between the amount of green tea consumed and the level of protection was uncovered. A recent study carried out in 2021 suggested that drinking green tea reduces stress and suppresses brain ageing.

May help combat depression

It’s also believed that regular consumption of green tea may help to combat depression. Studies carried out in Japan tend to suggest that even one cup of green tea a day can be beneficial in fighting off depression.

Other possible benefits of drinking green tea

There are also many other benefits of drinking a daily Japanese matcha! It seems that people who drink green tea and are already at a healthy weight have significantly lower levels of cholesterol and LDL cholesterol. In addition, regular consumption of green tea significantly reduces both systolic and diastolic blood pressure thanks to its ability to improve blood flow by relaxing the blood vessels. And finally, a cup of green tea a day may help to keep osteoporosis away. Its generous supply of antioxidants not only helps reduce inflammation but may enhance bone formation and prevent bone loss!

A cup of matcha a day may help keep the doctor away

And there you have it. Matcha contains a rich cocktail of antioxidants which provide many health benefits. So be sure to order a supply today. You’ll find a great selection of organic matcha powder Australia or luo han guo fruit extract right here at GPA Wholefoods.

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