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Organ Meat Supplements

Many cultures swear by including organ meats in their diet. They’re not only an inexpensive food source but they’re highly nutritious. However, they can be quite an acquired taste and they’re rarely on the menu in today’s modern households. We’re here to change that. Our organ meat supplements can be used to complement your current diet and, as they’re available in both powder and capsule form, it’s easy to add the powder into your meals. Add a little to your family’s favourite bolognese recipe, sneak it into your meatballs, whip up a smoothie and, thanks to their neutral taste, you’ll never even know it’s in there. Read More

Why Take Organ Meat Supplements?

Supplements containing organ meats have long been popular with bodybuilders as they can help with the retention of muscle mass and strengthen bones. However, there are other benefits to be gained, including giving the immune system a boost and improving iron absorption. What’s more, gram for gram, organ meats contain more nutrients than muscle meats and our body can digest them more easily than a steak for example. 

Of course, you could just get the benefits of eating organ meats by eating the organs themselves. But our supplements give you an easy, convenient, and palatable way to make the most of this nutritious food. 

Thankfully Nourished Organ Meat Supplements 

At GPA Wholefoods, we believe in the power of organ meats and so we’ve created our own supplements containing organ meats under our Thankfully Nourished brand. You’ll find both powder forms and organ meat capsules, so you can choose the type that suits you best. You may even want to buy both; capsules are a convenient option when you’re travelling and don’t want to take a tub of powdered organ meats along! Both options are made from Australian Certified Organic grass-fed beef cattle, so you can be sure that you’re getting high-quality ingredients from a supplier that cares about creating the best products around. 

Just like all the other products available from GPA Wholefoods, our organ meat supplements have been approved by our family. We try every product we sell ourselves. If it’s not good enough for our bodies, it’s not good enough for yours. Plus, we offer a guarantee that if a supplement isn’t for you, we’ll give you store credit so you can choose something else. But rest assured, we’ve done our utmost to ensure that all our products are the very best quality available. 

Order Your Organ Meat Supplements From GPA Wholefoods Today

Whether you’re a seasoned consumer of supplements containing organ meat or dipping your toe into this kind of supplementation, we’re sure you’re going to love Thankfully Nourished. Place your order today and we’ll get them out to you as quickly as we can, usually within 48 hours. Every order placed is carefully packaged in recyclable cardboard and corn starch paper that’s completely biodegradable. 

Don’t forget that shipping is free throughout Australia for orders over $99 so if you need any other supplements, browse our products, and look at what we offer. You’ll find a wide range of excellent supplements from organic matcha to cod liver oil, collagen hydrosylate, marine collagen powder, probiotics and more. We’re here to keep Australia healthy! 

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