Thankfully Nourished 100% Chocolate 75g

Thankfully Nourished 100% Chocolate 75g

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Deliciously silky handmade chocolate. Unsweetened and unrefined. Read More
Thankfully Nourished
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Thankfully Nourished have created this special new product - 100% dark chocolate - made from the rarest cacao in the world, called Peru Maranon.

This is 100% chocolate, meaning it is made from only 1 ingredient - cacao seeds. 

Hand made by us, bean to bar.  

It’s the espresso of chocolate, perfect for the coffee lover and for those on a sugar-free or ketogenic diet whose tastebuds have adapted to enjoy unsweetened foods. 

Our 100% Extra Dark Chocolate is:

  • Made from 1 ingredient - Peru Maranon cacao seeds, the rarest cacao in the world
  • Pure in flavour, the espresso of chocolate
  • Free from emulsifiers, fillers and sweeteners
  • Rich in naturally occuring antioxidants
  • Keto and GAPS friendly
  • Ethically sourced

Limited stock available.


Size: 75g (3 x 25g bars)

Serving Size: 6g

Servings per bag: 18

Ingredients: 100% cocoa liquor

Brand Thankfully Nourished

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