Purity Statement

Our Commitment to You

GPA Wholefoods is committed to ensuring the purity and quality of all the products we sell.

We have a strict rule that none of our products contain fillers, binders or additives of any kind

Our skin care range are made with botanical extracts and essential oils. They are guaranteed to be 100% free from sodium laurel sulfate, propylene glycol, alcohol or parabens.

Our water filters are made from US parts, not cheap alternatives, making our systems strong and durable.

Our fish oils are all regularly tested for heavy metals and mercury to ensure there is none present.

We only sell products you can trust!

Purity Statement from Green Pasture Products (USA)

Why do a growing number of Moms, Grandmothers, Athletes, Nutritionists, and Medical Professionals Choose Green Pasture Products Fermented Cod Liver Oil and High Vitamin Butter Oil?

  • Whole Food Form
  • Wild, as Provided by Nature
  • Real, Unsurpassed Nutrition
  • Unadulterated
  • Natural fatty acid complex, nothing removed or changed
  • Full, deep range of Vitamins A, D, E, K; CoQ enzymes; and other quinones
  • Deep, Rich, Historical Processing Methods
  • Non-industrialized Production
  • Clean, Pure, and Third Party Tested 

Our Guarantee

  • The fish used in our Fermented Cod Liver oil and Skate Liver oil are exclusively wild caught in and around the Arctic region. A substantial amount of today's cod liver oil is produced from farmed fish.
  • Green Pastures is committed to providing our community with nothing but pure, unadulterated, non-industrialized fermented fish liver oils using traditional or sacred production methods that have been in use for thousands of years.
  • We guarantee we will not compromise our products' nutrient quality and integrity by any industrial means that will damage or remove flavors, odors, colors, textures and/or nutrients.
  • We exclusively use third party testing for our products.

Heavy Metals and PCB's

The United States does not have standards established for fish oils, but we do understand our community's concerns regarding man-made contaminants within our food chain. We test each lot to ensure its purity from man-made PCB's and heavy metals. We meet or exceed many international standards including

  • Norwegian Medical Standards (NMS)
  • European Pharmacopia Standards (EPS)

California Prop 65




Prop 65



(peroxide value)





Heavy Metals

(Mercury/ Lead) PPM





Total PCB's






Taste, Odor, Texture, Color

Fermented cod liver oil is totally different than today's industrialized fish oil. We do not do any processing that affects taste, odor, or color, as we understand that these qualities also equal nutrients. Furthermore, we guarantee not to do any processing that will affect the natural nutrient content of our fermented liver oils.

Take a moment and recall days gone by and the familiar pictures and stories of a mother chasing her kids around the kitchen with a spoon full of cod liver oil. The kids had a reason for protesting, the taste. While many people enjoy the 'wake me up' flavor of fermented cod liver oil, but others will find it takes getting used to. Our fermented liver oils have the same great taste, odor, and texture attributes as they have always had. These attributes include an acid feel on the throat, fish flavor, and sometimes a creamy texture.

We do offer flavors to assist those who prefer not to experience the full fish flavor of our oils. Our flavors are all food-grade essential oils and do have nutrient value. We do not use chemical 'flavors', but real oils.

Raw Material

Most issues concerning contaminants in our fish and other foods relate to the harvesting centers for the raw materials. PCBs and metals do not appear to be an issue unless you are consuming fish products that are farmed (which much of the cod is today), or harvested near industrial centers, including lakes and/or near or around rivers.
We start with only wild caught fresh livers harvested from the clean, pure waters of the Arctic region. Many fish oils are produced from fish that are caught in all oceans of the world, including areas near industrial centers, or they are farmed fish.

Environmental and Sustainability Statement

Green Pastures is committed to recognizing and implementing conservative environmental approaches whenever possible.
Our manufacturing plant is a 50,000 square foot clear-roof manufacturing building. This solar building allows us to use the sun for heating, drying by-products, and fermenting. We are currently working on a solar water heating system. In addition, we have a biomass boiler available for implementation as our needs increase.

All our fish products utilize fresh raw materials that are by-products. many Fish oils are produced from fish that harvest the base of the sea life food chain. Many within the industry frown on this practice as this activity directly competes with other sea life within the ocean eco-system. Green Pastures Recognizes the importance of Krill and other small fish as the base for all sea life. 

Green pastures works exclusively with companies that are certified members of the Marine Stewardship Council.

The Marine Stewardship Councils is a world wide organization with a mission to use its ecolabel and fishery certification program to contribute to the health of the world's oceans by recognizing and rewarding sustainable fishing practices, influencing the choices people make when buying seafood, and working with our partners to transform the seafood market to a sustainable basis.

Many of the world’s issues regarding the sustainability of fishing communities are directly tied to the size of the fishing boats. The most pronounced issues arise from the use of large boats, such as large commercial high seas processing boats. We do not work with any large commercial processing boats. A perfect world would mandate that a fishing boat not be larger than a family size boat. Prices would go up, but fishing communities would thrive, and most of the oceanic environmental concerns within the fishing industry would disappear.

We understand the issues within the fishing community are an exact replica of the issues involved within our farms and farming community. Size does matter. For the respect of God’s creation, our communities, our families, our food and nutrition we all need to recognize the importance of: 'Small is Beautiful’ (for those of you familiar with E.F. Schumacher's book), and Biblical, or traditional, farming, fishing, cooking, and eating practices.


OMRI Organic Certification: OMRI lists several of our fish by-products as suitable for use on organic land and farms. Some of the products they certify include Liquid Fish Soil Rescue and Feed Grade Cod Liver Oil.

Raw Milk Farming: There has been a great deal of attention drawn to our family’s use of raw milk on the land, pastures and crops. By working with the University of Nebraska Extension we have completed one replicated study. Some of the observations include: substantial plant growth with a single application of raw skim milk, improved plant health, insecticide effects, soil porosity increased, possible fungus and mold control, and happy cows. For more information on this work, please read various blogs on our website, search out publications, or call either our office or the University of Nebraska Knox county extension office.

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