I was introduced to Blue Ice Cod Liver Oil by Sally Fallon. Since then I have been taking it along with my 7 year old daughter who has allergies. I have seen a big improvement in her general health as well as myself. Therefore I will recommend Blue Ice Pure Cod Liver Oil to anyone who wants to improve his/her general health, as well as to children with allergies.

John Amek, Sydney, NSW

I am a 51 year old male who, over the last five years, has suffered dental problems that have been painful and expensive. My research has lead me to Weston A Price and his teachings on diet, specifically the us of cod liver oil for mineral absorption. After 6 months of taking fermented cod liver oil and high vitamin butter oil, I am pain free and have good dental health

Howard Roe, Nowra, NSW

After discovering the Weston Price website I despaired because I couldn't find a lot of the products supported by Weston Price in our modern society. This included raw butter and cod liver oil that still contains natural (not synthetic) vitamin A and meat from grass fed animals etc. I was so happy when I discovered GPA Wholefoods and Katrina. I now take the fermented cod liver oil and the high vitamin butter oil regularly. Although I have no specific health problems, I can definitely say that my health has improved and I also know that I'm getting quality products. I've never really enjoyed eating organ meat but I know how beneficial they are so I can now have the freeze dried liver or organ products from the website knowing that the source is pure and pristine. I feel truly nourished and would recommend these products to anyone wishing to improve their lives with the most nourishing products on the market today.

Leisa Stear, Richardson, ACT

This is excellent stuff. I bought a few items at the WAPF conference in Sydney and I can't believe how the health of our whole family has improved. Some of us were taking low vitamin cod liver oil before, but it was unpalatable for most. Your products have resulted in fewer colds and sniffles, and the main thing - no lingering secondary infections, such as bronchitis, tonsilitis, fevers, coughs or sinusitis which usually tend to follow colds in this weather. Amazingly, the arthritis that was bothering me has disappeared. I couldn't even kneel down to tie a child's shoe without pain, but now the pain has completely gone, no matter how long I kneel down. Sally Fallon told me the butter oil was the most important product for those susceptable to arthritis, and with a family history like mine I made sure I got some. Thankyou. I can't say how grateful I am.

Mary Collis, Wilberforce, NSW

I have been using this Reverse Osmosis water filter for nearly 12 months now. It has been the best investment. Our water is now clear, tasteless and odourless (what a concept!). I no longer have to drink tap water and wonder what I am really consuming! I would highly recommend this system!

Janelle Ebert, Springfield, QLD

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