Sediment and Carbon Cartridges

Sediment and Carbon Cartridges

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The sediment cartridge is the first stage of RO filtration and is designed to remove solids and particles from the tap water. We recommend changing these filter elements every 12 months or earlier as necessary. Read More
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If you have been running your Reverse Osmosis (RO) system for 12-18 months, it’s time to add this to your cart.

Essential for the first two stages for all of our Reverse Osmosis Water Filter Systems, the filter elements creates sediment free water to continue on to the next stage of water purification which is the carbon cartridge. Removal of the sediments extends the life of both the carbon filer and the membrane. 

The Carbon Cartridge removes free chlorine, solvents, organic compounds and extends the operation performance and life of the reverse osmosis membrane.