Thankfully Nourished Sports Collagen 300g

Thankfully Nourished Sports Collagen 300g

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A concentrated source of Collagen Hydrolysate, tested for WADA banned substances. Read More
Thankfully Nourished
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Collagen is an essential part of healthy skin and strong connective tissue. But our natural ability to produce collagen diminishes after we turn 25. This increases our chance of injury and slows down recovery. Thankfully Nourished Sport Collagen is an ideal solution for athletes who want to stay strong and flexible.

Our Sport Collagen is a great choice of protein:

  • Amazingly high in glycine (10 x more than WPI). This is needed to make creatine, essential for muscle contraction and converting food into energy.
  • Rich in proline (2.5 x more than WPI). This is needed to keep muscles and joints flexible and maintain muscle tissue. Athletes who perform long vigorous workouts often experience a decrease in proline levels.
  • Provides the protein your body uses to cushion joints and repair cartilage
  • Gut-friendly and easy to digest

Thankfully, our Sports Collagen is:

  • Tested for WADA banned substances by an ISO accredited lab (see HASTA test certificate here - updated each time we get a new batch)
  • Guaranteed GMO and Glyphosate free
  • 100% Bovine Collagen from free range, grass-fed beef cattle
  • Proteolysed through an enzymatic fermentation process. This makes it more targeted, bioavailable and also means the serving size is much smaller than other generic collagens.
  • Virtually tasteless and mixes easily into water without clumping or grittiness
  • Perfect for taking before and after training
  • Dairy and gluten free

Suggested Use:

Mix 2 tsp (5g) into water, juice or a smoothie, up to three times per day.


Store at room temperature.


Size: 300g

Serving size: 1 scoop (5g)

Servings per container: 60

Ingredients: 100% Bioactive Collagen Peptides (Bovine)

HASTA certificate can be found here

Brand Thankfully Nourished

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