Cassava and Tigernut Flours

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Cassava and Tigernut flours are both nutrient-rich, gluten-free flours which are high in resistant starch (aka: great for gut health). A nourishing combination to use in gluten free cooking! Read More

Cassava Flour Australia

Have you been searching for a gluten-free alternative to wheat flour? If so, we recommend Cassava flour. And you can get it directly from the source here in Australia. Whether you want to make some pancakes, pasta or pizza - cassava flour will do the job. This flour comes from the root of the cassava plant, which is sourced directly from Queensland farms. Our organic cassava flour is grown and processed without using chemicals or preservatives - at all. Each cassava tuber undergoes a fantastic transformation to become the delicate, neutral-tasting alternative to wheat flour. It’ll blend right into whatever baked goodies you’re planning without overpowering the recipe. Try it, and you’ll see exactly why people are queuing to buy this cassava flour in Australia at GPA Wholefoods.

It’s gluten-free, GMO-free and has a lower calorie count per serving than other wheat flour alternatives. While we’re looking at nutritional benefits - it also has high-fibre content. Increasing the amount of fibre in your diet helps prevent developing a number of health complications, keeps your digestive system in tip-top condition and gives you the feeling of being fuller for longer. Snacking can be a hard habit to break - but cassava flour can help you on your way to success. And you can do it without giving up your favourite foods too. It can be used in bread, muffins, cookies, as a sauce thickener, flatbreads and much more. It’s a versatile product with nutritional benefits beyond other alternatives on the market. It is much thicker than wheat flour - and absorbs liquid more efficiently - so less is more in recipes.

We Source the Highest Quality Cassava Flour In Australia?

If you have dietary restrictions such as gluten intolerance, you might have found it difficult to find quality alternatives to wheat flour. That’s why we do what we do. To save you the time and hassle of searching for good value products. As a family we’ve had our own health challenges and understand the trouble with finding suitable and nutritious foods for you and your family. We’ve been there too. So often, products have questionable origins or ingredients. It’s worrying. 

There are a lot of reputable wholesalers online - and a lot of disreputable ones too. GPA Wholefoods came about when we decided enough was enough. We took action and started sourcing products with verifiable origins, ingredients and means of production. And before we risk our brand and reputation, we always try the products first. Every product we endorse has passed a rigorous process to ensure we’re working with the highest quality. The nutrition of you and your family is our number 1 priority. So, if you’re looking to buy cassava flour in Australia, we’ve got you.

Buying Cassava Flour in Australia From GPA Wholefoods Today!

Buy cassava flour in Australia and support local farmers and the local economy. With such a pure quality of flour available here, you’re in the best place to purchase. Our products have the highest quality and provide nothing but natural nourishment for you and your family. Would like to see how cassava flour can change your relationship with food for the better - and increase your nutritional intake? Try AKN Organics Pure Cassava Flour available to purchase now. Don’t forget that shipping is free throughout Australia for orders over $99 so if you need any other supplements, browse our products, and look at what we offer. You’ll find a wide range of excellent supplements from organic matcha powder to sugar free liquid sweeteners, wild caught marine collagen supplements, grass fed gelatin, probiotics and more. We’re here to keep Australia healthy! 

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